MacBMD is a Data Entry helper for the Free BMD Project
which is transcribing the marriage, birth, and death records of the UK.
It supports "autocomplete" with extendible data files.

Here is a screenshot.

Current Version: 1.9.1 - see "whats new" file for whats new.

Download here - Supports all OS X as well as earlier Mac OS. (classic version 1.74)

FineVol is a Control Strip Module for Mac OS Classic.

Download - Version 1.0 - (8/26/1999) Stuffit 5 Archive This control strip lets you set the volume to some lower levels than 1 without fiddling with the innacurate slider in the AppleCD Audio Player. To use, just drop in your Control Strip Modules folder (in the system folder) and restart.

My PowerBook 1400's internal speaker is loud. So loud, that often playing Audio CDs with the volume on "1" is way too loud. The only way to make the volume lower than one for audio CDs is in the AppleCD Audio Player, and only if you can move the slider in one-pixel increments toward the bottom. "There has to be a better way" I thought.

So, I did it myself. This control strip lets you set the volume to some lower levels without fiddling with an innacurate slider. I like ".2" or ".3" for playing audio CDs.

In any case, this is just a quick and dirty little solution, and it has a few quirks. If there is demand i might try to fix them, but i dont think there are too many other people with this problem. :)

FineVol is freeware. If you find it useful drop me an email.

Known Problems:

  • Audio becomes 'tinny' sometimes at these low levels. I dont know why.
  • Other system sounds are muted.
    Copyright 2009, Ben Hines.