Interactive Fiction games are text-based adventures in the style of Infocom's great Zork. New IF games are still available and being made!

I have Carbonized Andrew Plotkin's venerable mac Interactive Fiction interpreters MaxTADS and MaxZip

I have also made updated current MacGlk Carbon builds of Glk AGiliTY, Nitfol, and glulxe. All built with the slightly-enhanced MacGlk Lib.

All are CFM for now. Should work on OS9 and OSX, though only tested on OSX. 1/13 version of the MacGlk library adds support for resizable navservices dialogs.
There are some known problems with the "Quit" menus in the MacGLK apps.

Download here:

MaxTADS 1.1.6+ Carbon Current version: 1/13/2002.

MaxZip - available soon.

glulxe 0.3.4 Glk Carbon Current version: 1/13/2002. Use glulxe to play glulx games (usually .blb extension). Works well with recent comp games.

Glk AGiliTY b1 Carbon Current version: 1/13/2002. To play an AGT game, open the .D$$ file. It must have filetype: AGTS . (i will make this better in the future)

Nitfol .5+ Glk Carbon Note: this version is enhanced from Matthew Russotto's build. Current version: 1/13/2002.

Source available upon request, of course.

Other IF Interps for Mac OS X:

Zoom - Very nice Z-Code interpreter with quartz rendering.

Zip Infinity - Another Z-Code interpreter (note: the nitfol version on that page is less capable than mine)

Frotz - The classic UNIX Z-Code interpreter. Terminal-based. Available in Fink.

MacFrotz - GUI frontend to frotz. Includes nice history window.

HyperTADS - Not carbon yet - will be "soon" apparently. For now use MaxTADS.

Using these:

To actually use these, you will want to get games from the IF Archive. A useful utility to help you open the files is IFDropFile, available on the archive Here.

    Copyright 2009, Ben Hines.