I am the maintainer for a number of Fink packages. That means I ported (or at least "built") all of these apps on Mac OS X, and submitted "packages" to the Fink project. Fink makes it easy for Mac users to install open source UNIX software.

Any of these packages can be installed on a Mac OS X system with Fink by typing "fink install packagename" for example "fink install lifelines". (note that some are still in the "unstable" tree, so you will need to follow the instructions here if the package is not found.

As of Wed Jan 7 15:16:04 2009 PST, my packages are:
Section: database
genes0.1.4Genealogy software for GTKHomepage
gramps1.0.10Genealogy software for GNOME/GTK 2Homepage
lifelines3.0.37.2Scriptable Genealogy programHomepage
Section: devel
astyle1.15.3Beautifier/Reformatter of C, C++, C# & JavaHomepage
ccache 2.4C/C++ compiler cacheHomepage
dtags1.0.1Use exuberant-ctags with xsltprocHomepage
getxml1.0.4Localization tool for XMLHomepage
help2man-perl%type_pkg[custom]1.33.1Generates man pages from program outputHomepage
treecc0.3.0Tree Compiler-CompilerHomepage
zoinks 0.3.8Programmer's editor and IDEHomepage
Section: editors
vigor0.016VI editor featuring paperclip assistantHomepage
vile9.4Enhanced vi-like text editorHomepage
vilearn1.0Tutorial for vi newbiesHomepage
Section: games
amaze0.0Text-based 3D maze gameHomepage
cmine0.0Text-based minesweeper gameHomepage
connect41.2Text-based Connect Four gameHomepage
crossfire1.7.1Graphical adventure RPG for X11Homepage
dama0.5.4Turkish draughts board game. (checkers-like)Homepage
danican0.5.2International draughts board gameHomepage
gothello0.1Small othello game for GTKHomepage
grhino0.11.0Strong othello game for GNOME 2Homepage
gtetrinet0.4.4Tetrinet (internet Tetris) client for GNOMEHomepage
gtetrinet20.7.8Tetrinet (internet Tetris) client for GNOME2Homepage
gtkpool0.5.02D pool game for GTK+Homepage
inform6.30Interactive fiction language and compilerHomepage
nibbles1.2Text-based color snake gameHomepage
othello0.03Console based Othello GameHomepage
qthello1.0Qt based othello gameHomepage
tornado1.2.1aNetworkable text-based weather destructionHomepage
xjig2.4Jigsaw puzzle game for X11Homepage
xlaby2.0.2Evil labyrinth game for X11Homepage
xlightoff1.1Light switching game for X11Homepage
xpilot4.5.4Multi-player 2D space gameHomepage
xpilot-ng4.6.4Multi-player 2D space gameHomepage
xquarto2.5Piece matching game for X11Homepage
ztools981107Set of Z-Machine toolsHomepage
Section: graphics
enblend1.1Tool for compositing imagesHomepage
ivtools1.1.3X11 drawing editors for PS, TeX, web graphicsHomepage
metapixel0.11Photomosaic generatorHomepage
mpegencode1.5bBerkeley MPEG-1 EncoderHomepage
pngcrush1.5.10Optimizer for PNG filesHomepage
xaos3.0Fractal explorerHomepage
xmountains2.6Fractal landscape generatorHomepage
xrmap2.29World map data viewer and editorHomepage
xvidcore1.0.2XViD Media Codec libraryHomepage
Section: libs
gedcom-parse0.90.0GEDCOM parser libraryHomepage
libgii00.8.5Flexible library for input handlingHomepage
libusb0.1.8Portable library for USB device accessHomepage
Section: libs/perlmods
http-dav-pm5810.31WebDAV module & clientHomepage
mac-carbon-pm%type_pkg[perl]0.70Perl module for accessing Carbon APIHomepage
Section: libs
rxsock1.4Sockets library for RexxHomepage
Section: net
bidwatcher1.3.17GTK auction management/snipe tool for eBayHomepage
dnstracer1.8DNS tracing utilityHomepage
gnewspost0.6GUI for newspost USENET binary posterHomepage
host991529Enhanced DNS and ns/mx/rblookup utilitiesHomepage
jlinksyslogger1.0Sockets library for RexxHomepage
jwhois3.2.2Improved Whois client (command line)Homepage
newspost2.1.1USENET Binary AutoposterHomepage
puf0.93.3Parallel URL FetcherHomepage
replaypc0.4.0ReplayTV interface utilitiesHomepage
scanssh1.6bFast SSH Protocol ScannerHomepage
scanssh2.0Fast SSH Protocol ScannerHomepage
xtraceroute0.9.1Graphical traceroute including globeHomepage
Section: sci
arb20030822 Phylogeny and sequence data managementHomepage
lx-viewer1.0.2DXF / DWG file format viewer/converterHomepage
phase1.1PH ylogenetics And Sequence Evolution PackageHomepage
visualos 1.0.4Educational simulator of an OS for GNOME/GTK+Homepage
Section: sound
flac-nox1.1.1Free lossless audio codec - No X11Homepage
flac1.1.1Free lossless audio codecHomepage
gspeakers0.10.1GTK+ speaker design programHomepage
libao20.8.5Audio output libraryHomepage
mppdec1.15sMusepack (.mpc) file decoderHomepage
sndplay1.0Simple CLI sound player for OS XHomepage
xmms-gdancer0.4.5XMMS plugin featuring dancing charactersHomepage
xmms-scizzor1.3.3XMMS plugin for pitch / speed controlHomepage
Section: text
sagasu 1.0.6GNOME tool to find strings in filesHomepage
Section: utils
cabextract0.6Decoder for MS .cab filesHomepage
chmtools1.0Tools for working with CHM filesHomepage
decide 1.0Decision making assistantHomepage
diffconvert1.3Tools to convert diff file formatsHomepage
dlocate0.5Fast alternative to dpkg -L and dpkg -SHomepage
dpkg-awk1.0.1Awk script to scan dpkg databaseHomepage
gkrellkam0.3.4Gkrellm plugin - Webcam viewerHomepage
gkrellkam22.0.0Gkrellm2 plugin - Webcam viewerHomepage
gkrellm1.2.13System monitor stack for GTKHomepage
gkrellm22.2.5System monitor stack for GTK+2Homepage
gkrellmouse0.0.2Gkrellm plugin - mouse odometerHomepage
gkrellmss2.2Gkrellm2 plugin - ESD Sound ScopeHomepage
hexcurse1.55Terminal-based hex editor Homepage
launch1.0.0Replacement for OS X "open" commandHomepage
lxsplit0.1.1File splitter & joinerHomepage
manconf20020121Placeholder package for Jaguar update (do not install)
num-utils0.5Command-line utils for dealing with numbersHomepage
ondir0.2.1 Auto-execute scripts as you traverse dirsHomepage
popularity-contest1.3Fink Package Popularity ContestHomepage
srm 1.2.8Secure replacement for rmHomepage
unrar 3.4.1RAR archive decoderHomepage
wdiff0.5gWord-based frontend to GNU diffHomepageHomepage
yydecode0.2.10Decoder for yEnc encoded binaries on USENETHomepage
Section: web
yaala0.7.2Flexible log file analysis programHomepage
Section: x11
openmotif32.2.3Official Implementation of OSF/MotifHomepage
sunclock 3.53Sophisticated world clock for X11Homepage
103 total packages.

Here is a list of the other fink maintainers.

    Copyright 2009, Ben Hines.